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Class of 2020 page header

Seven + Images

Video message from family and friends


Post HS Plans

Senior Quote

Cash App info. (or equivalent

Memories Gallery (up to 50 images)

2 revisions to your page

Bonus: Your digital page header will be e-mailed to you so that you can display it on your social media pages. 

Information about your post graduation celebration

Links to social media sites

Custom Options: 

Layout, colors, fonts 

Design Elements



Additonal pictures and videos in gallery

Additional special requests

Leilani Sarlea

Senior Header_5 images_Sarlea.jpg

Video Message from the family

A special message from your parents, guardians, and/or family members will go here.  This is just a sample.  Your video will be of your family and friends. 


Your accomplishments will be listed here. 

  • Academic

  • Athletic

  • Scholarships

  • Volunteer

  • Employment

Sarlea, Leilani_formal pic_3.jpg

Post HS Plans

Sarlea, Leilani_Purdue Bound.jpg

Your post-high school plans will be listed here. 

Senior Quote

Your senior quote will go here.  It may be an original quote or a quote that means a lot to you.  


You will have a dedicated gallery where up to 50 images will be displayed.  Feel free to include 1-3 video clips that are up to 1:00 each in length.


Providing a Cash App Tag, Paypal information, or the equivalent will allow family and friends to easily send the graduate a monetary gift. 

money gif_slow.gif

Your Cash App handle or the equivalent will go here so that family and friends can easily send you financial gifts. 

Graduation Party

Leilani's graduation party.jpg

The date, time, and location of your graduation party wil go here.  This is an optional feature. 

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Links to your social media sites will go here.  This is an optional feature.  

(Note: These buttons are inactive, as this is a sample page only.)

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