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We  believe that the hard work of your graduate shouldn't go unnoticed. 

This is why we use graphic design to create personalized items for grads using images that YOU submit.


Proudly displaying the accomplishments of your graduate

Graduation Caps

JMP Graduates


Proudly showcase your grad! 

All items are customized with images submitted by YOU! 


  • Apparel

  • Banners

  • Blankets

  • Buttons

  • Cards

  • Collage Prints

  • Magnets

  • Mugs

  • Photo Sessions

  • Webpages


Webpages For Grads

Within this site, graduates who submits their information will have their own webpage that shows the world who they are. Graduates will submit pictures and other information that they would like displayed. We will use that information to design their very own webpage.

For a limited time, graduates may have a basic webpage created (graduate's name and image) for FREE!


However, there are options to upgrade to a fully designed webpage that includes the following:


  • Pictures, submitted by the graduate, to show who they are

  • Accomplishments

  • Post-high school plans

  • Senior quote

  • Information about the graduate's post-high school celebration 

  • Cash App tag (or equivalent) so that family and friends can easily send monetary gifts 

  • Links to social media accounts so that family and friends can follow the graduate

  • Music

  • Videos

  • Custom design elements (font, colors, etc. 

Our graduates have worked incredibly hard over the years to accomplish their goal of graduating from their respective schools. .  It is time for us, the families and friends of our graduates, to celebrate with them as they close one chapter of their lives and move on to another.  It is time for us to proudly share the accomplishments of our graduates.  




Jacque Miller is a wife, mom, teacher, professional photographer, and free-lance web and graphic designer.  Jacque is passionate about capturing the precious memories of her clients and finding ways to preserve their memories.  During the lockdown of 2020, Jacque's photography jobs were cancelled, so she sought to sustain her business while still finding a way to preserve the special memories of others.  As Jacque browsed online and saw the number of graduates who were saddened about missing out on their highly-anticipated graduation, the idea to incorporate web and graphic design and a new branch of Jacque Miller Photography was established.  

Jacque oversees Jacque Miller Photography, which contains both a sports division and a portraits & events division. 

When Jacque isn't behind the lens or in the classroom, she enjoys bike riding, swimming, playing with her sweet daughter, watching televsion shows and movies with her husband, and snuggling into the couch with a hot cup of tea and a good book. 


Visit Jacque Miller Photography to see a full portfolio of work.  Jacque Miller Photography is currently open for business and ready to book your summer and fall sessions. 

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