Tyler Peppers

Gavit High School


Gavit Baseball Team (Team Leader)


Gavit Tennis Team (Team Leader)



National Honor Society

Key Club -Secretary

Natural Helpers-Staff Leader

Student Body-Voice of the School-Announcer

Book Club-Information Organizer

Student Council

YMCA Cafe Volunteer

Volunteer for East Chicago Based Calumet Concerned Citizens Feed the Hungry Program

Volunteer at Second Harvest Food Bank, Muncie, IN

Volunteer for Political Fundraising Campaign for the Honorable Judge Sonya Morris, East Chicago, IN

Drummer at Antioch Baptist Church, East Chicago, IN

Winner of the Flutz Parrish Scholarship

Tyler grad.jpeg

Post HS  Plans

IU symbol.jpg

Study Human Biology at Indiana University

Senior Quote

The only impossible journey is the one you never begin. 

~Anthony Robbins

Graduation Celebration

Tentative plan: Graduation Party later this summer

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